Git Fit Headquarters Client Testimonials

I started coming after being in pain from spasms and feeling weakness due to an injury from months ago. I am experiencing less spasms and getting stronger! Very thankful for Tammy's knowledge and I am excited to be my full self again!
Amy Marie Lloyd Acker
Springfield, MO
I have only been coming for 3 weeks but have worked my way up from 2lbs dumb bells to 15lbs!!! I've had no upper bod strength for so long, that I had just given in to have chicken wings instead of arms. Thanks to Tammy and Carrie Boot Camp has not only made me look better, but I feel better. FIT AND FABULOUS is my goal!
Dusty-Charlene Dowell
Springfield, MO
Tammy has come to my house for six weeks and I’m already getting up from my chair MUCH easier and can move my shoulders much better as well. She even rubs my feet to improve my balance and circulation! I’d highly recommend her!
John Fairley
Personal Training – age 93
Finding GIT FIT Headquarters has been God sent… really! I won’t bore you with the trail of events that led me to my personal trainer, Tammy, but I am blessed that I am now active at GIT FIT. After six months, I’m not only looking better, I’m feeling better. Even my doctor said so after my recent complete physical. His words, not mine, “Stephen, this physical looks great… near perfect numbers!” I have no doubt that these results have been, in part, as a direct result of my training sessions with Tammy at GIT Fit Headquarters. – Stephen Kleinsmith (diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006).
Stephen Kleinsmith
Personal Training
I asked myself daily, where do I want to be in five years? I was becoming weak, losing muscle mass and balance. After starting at Git Fit Headquarters and starting training with Tammy Eaton, I now have great core strength, strong muscles and I am improving bone density! Exercise is the key to a long and healthy life…
Personal Training and Club 65
I have had five different trainers since getting into weights and all around workouts. Tammy is so far superior to all of them….she is so knowledgeable about the body and the importance of stretching combined with changing your workouts constantly to insure all muscle groups are being addressed…she is the best!
Cathy Lindstrom
I have been exercising all my life, in sports and in general, and in the last 22-23 years with a personal trainer. In the room where I use the treadmill I was able to see others exercising. I noticed Tammy Eaton working with her clients and saw how closely she worked with them and how much time and effort she spent with them. She had a pleasing personality and I liked her laugh and her attitude towards her clients. She is my trainer now and I notice a difference in the way I feel and look. I look forward to our three sessions a week and try very hard not to miss.
John Young