Git Fit Headquarters Client Testimonials

Tammy Eaton has been my trainer for about three years, and I have not only enjoyed the experience, but feel that my balance, strength, and endurance has improved greatly. I am a senior citizen with modest goals having to do with staying ambulatory. I want to maintain my independence and be able to take care of my personal needs such as dressing myself. I had a heart attack four years ago (a widow maker) and suffered some damage to my heart. Tammy’s work with me has been critical in my recovery. My breathing and endurance have improved dramatically during these past few years. I also have a back condition of extreme scoliosis of the spine which hampers my posture. Tammy has helped me to stand and walk taller and is always encouraging me to raise my head and be as tall as I can be.
Tammy loves her work and models each workout to the individual’s needs. I don’t believe that I have ever done the exact same routine twice. She is most creative in patterning the workout to the client. Tammy’s one fault might be that she works so hard. Her desire to help her clients sometimes may outweigh her needs for R and R. Her passion for her craft is obvious to all who train at her gym, “Git Fit”. I recommend Tammy and “Git Fit” training facilities without reservation.
Samuel E. Coryell, CEO
TLC Properties, LLC
I began working out at GitFit with Tammy almost 8 years ago. My intent was to build strength in my back as I had terrible posture as well as mild scoliosis. I had always thought my exercise routine 3-4 days a week at home was adequate and beneficial….Tammy respectfully disagreed as I was “over exercising” and burning calories rather than building muscle. Today, I feel and see the changes that have taken place through my dedication, motivation, and Tammy’s encouragement and direction during each and every workout. Now at 47 years old, I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and have not only accomplished my “fit goal” through personal training but gained a great friend in Tammy along the way!
Shannon Johnson
I am 66 years old and a below the knee amputee. Once I was fitted with a prosthetic I knew I needed help with balance and strengthening. I started working with Tammy Eaton at Git Fit Headquarters two and a half years ago with great results. Tammy’s knowledge along with her positive reinforcement has been perfect for me. I can’t imagine ever NOT working out with her!
Trudy Twitty
I started going to Git Fit nearly 7 years ago to help me recover from a torn rotator cuff. With Tammy’s help I was able to recover without surgery! I continued after my shoulder improved because working out made me feel so much better and because I made friends there, with both the trainers and the people who come to train. I now work out three times a week, two days at Club 65 and one day with Tammy. I feel very comfortable there, it is a small gym and the people who come to Git Fit are at varying levels of fitness. Each time I walk through the door, I get a ‘hello Lisa’ from everyone there. I feel healthier and I’m always glad I came.
Lisa Slattery
I had two total knee replacements about four months apart. After I completed the allocated 8 weeks of rehabilitation after the second replacement, I felt I needed more work. My Physical Therapist agreed and recommended Tammy Eaton at Git Fit Headquarters, she said Tammy specialized in helping people recover from surgical procedures. I started working with Tammy and she designed exercises specifically to help me and my needs. My knees continued to get stronger and more stable. I am now able to walk distances without any pain. After about a year I still work with Tammy, and have continued to get stronger all over and more flexible. My improved strength and flexibility has improved my daily life significantly. I continue to work with Tammy and I also participate in a group training and stretching session called Club 65. I recommend Tammy to anyone who wants to improve their functions of daily living.
Mike McGeeney
I have worked with Tammy for over 6 months and have more energy, am much stronger and in general feel healthier than I have in many years. Highly recommended!
Arlene Spangler

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