What age population needs to be exercising more than any other? Older adult

Why?  As we age, many things change in our bodies that do not support an active, healthy and happy lifestyle.  We have to combat those changes with exercise and a MUST HAVE is a personal trainer who understands problems like decreased flexibility, osteoporosis, balance issues, neuropathy, declining mobility and how to treat them appropriately.

We’ve helped prepare many for knee or hip replacements by strengthening their bodies, specifically around the affected joint and also increase flexibility and blood supply.  You can’t expect muscles to perform well after a surgery if they were terribly weak and tight prior to it.


This falls right in line with our older adult training except we are a small group who exercise together, and what fun we have!!!  We work on all the things that this age group needs to work on like balance, strength, core strength and flexibility.

Club 65 meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30pm.  You don’t HAVE to be 65 or over to join but most are in their 70’s; but don’t let the age fool you, you will be challenged whatever your fitness level. The cost is only $15 – 20 per session but come to think of it, it’s actually priceless!

I asked myself daily, where do I want to be in five years? I was becoming weak, losing muscle mass and balance. After starting at Git Fit Headquarters and starting training with Tammy Eaton, I now have great core strength, strong muscles and I am improving bone density! Exercise is the key to a long and healthy lifE…
Personal Training and Club 65
Suffering from arthritis and a torn rotator cuff, the doctor suggested surgery. That same week I attended a P.E.O. meeting where Tammy Eaton from Git Fit Headquarters spoke about fitness. Since that meeting I have been going to Git Fit, I have gained mobility, strength, and a positive outlook. Yes, I have shed some weight, but more importantly, my shoulder feels better than it has in years.
Personal Training and Club 65
Tammy has come to my house for six weeks and I’m already getting up from my chair MUCH easier and can move my shoulders much better as well. She even rubs my feet to improve my balance and circulation! I’d highly recommend her!
John Fairley
Personal Training – age 93