Top 5 fattening foods you should stay away from

Top 5 fattening foods you should stay away from

You might think that you’re already careful with your portions, but did you ever stop to consider whether the food items you consume should be banned altogether? There are actually some types of food out there that are not just unhealthy, they also make you gain weight pretty fast.

So be smart about what you eat and know that there are just some food items you should really avoid if you want to lose weight and keep your ideal figure. Here’s a short list of ten fattening foods you never thought you should give up.

Coffee and flavored juices.

You might be such a coffee-holic that you know Starbucks’ coffee listing by heart, but remember that your delicious drink may contain excessive amounts of calories that you’re better off shedding. For example, the whipped cream alone can be a big problem for you.

As for fruit juices, they contain simple sugars that make the calorie count even worse. If you’re thirsty, reach for a refreshing glass of water to avoid piling on the calories through too much fattening liquid intake.

Salad dressing

Some people turn vegetarian when they want to lose weight, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you slather on too much dressing onto your green leafy vegetables, you’ll be defeating the purpose of a diet. Three or four teaspoons of dressing will give you an instant 300 calories that you really don’t need.

If you want to go vegetarian, choose low-fat dressings like vinaigrette to complement your dish.

Frozen yogurt

Yet another recent trend among diet lovers is substituting frozen yogurt for most of their meals and snacks. While frozen yogurt is generally low in fat, it doesn’t mean that it is stripped of calories altogether.

Flavored oatmeal

You might be getting your daily dose of fiber from a packet of flavored oatmeal, but remember that such products contain incredible amounts of sugar. Go for unflavored oatmeal or lay off the packets for good.


While alcohol does not contain fat, it can still fatten you up with the hundreds of calories that each shot or bottle can pack. Make sure that you consume this in moderation not just to cut down on alcohol but also on calories.