The ABC of weight training for women

The ABC of weight training for women

The quest for a perfectly sculpted, strong and lean body is not confined to the male species. If in the past the idea of a woman sporting toned muscles is eccentric, today we can find more and more women who are getting into the habit of taking weight training classes to promote a healthier lifestyle.

You might ask: why are women becoming keener on building their muscle mass? Don’t bulging muscles look good only on men? The simple answer to both these questions is that women now recognize the benefits of a strong, athletic physique and so are willing to give weight training a shot.

Our aesthetic tastes have changed considerably over the years, and this is also part of the reason why women with firm muscles are already considered sexy in society. Not only that—women also play more roles in society than they ever did before, and the need to be stronger both physically and mentally is greater than ever. A healthy, well-built body is one of the key ingredients to living a better and more successful life.

If you’re a woman and you’re worried that training in the gym’s weights room will transform you to a hulking, burly lady, you must know that women don’t generally build muscles are large and prominent as men, unless they really train for it. You will not gain a six-pack abdomen and rock-hard thighs if you don’t train at least twice as hard as men.

The secret to this discrepancy in muscle development is the male hormone testosterone. Women do produce this hormone, but only in small amounts such that their muscle gain is not as quick and effective as their male counterparts. That’s why weight training classes are perfect for women—they get all the benefits without having to worry about developing bulky muscles along the way.

If you do decide to take up resistance training classes, remember that you are also investing on the future of your body by building stronger connective tissues and heart muscles, as well as promoting the loss of fat deposits and preventing osteoporosis.  If all these wonderful health advantages are not enough to convince you to take up weights soon, then nothing will.