Lowering your sugar intake

Lowering your sugar intake

One of the hardest battles that we wage in order to lose weight effectively and permanently is to lay off the sweet foodstuff. Kids and adults alike love to eat sweet treats, but if you’re really serious about reaching and maintaining your ideal weight, you have to pay attention to what you eat.

Staying away from sugars will do you an enormous favour. We all know that sugary foods are among the most fattening type of food we eat, and yet we still can’t resist having one too many chocolates and candies everyday.

The fact is that sugar is not just bad for your health—it is also addictive to the point that you will keep eating more and more of essentially unhealthy food. Sugar is nothing but calories that lack any nutrient content. And, in case you haven’t been to your dentist in quite a while now, sugar is one of the leading causes of dental caries. Sugary foods produce acids that destroy the enamel of your tooth teeth and create cavities.

There are quick, easy and sure-fire ways for you to reduce your sugar consumption to healthier levels. But first, you have to accept the fact that sugar is bad for you and shouldn’t be taken in excess. You can get an energy boost from far healthier alternatives, but this doesn’t mean that you have to exclude sugar from your diet altogether.

If you have to consume sugary foods, opt for natural sugars instead of artificial ones. The former are broken down by the body more quickly, so you can be sure to have your fill of sweets before you overstuff yourself with them. Instead of eating chocolates and candies, eat fresh fruits. Drink more water than sweetened drinks like soft drinks, canned fruit juice and others.

The most important thing to remember is to never skip a meal. That’s right. Hardline diet enthusiasts may disagree, but the truth is that if you miss a meal, your energy levels decrease to such a point that you crave sugar-rich foods to give you a quick fix. Eat small portions of healthy foods throughout the day to keep your energy level up and your desire for sweets down.