Adventure Boot Camp Common Questions

How do I sign up now?

You call Git Fit Headquarters at 417-886-6387 or Tammy at 417-830-5898 What is the Pre Camp Evaluation? The Pre-Camp Evaluation includes the following:
  1. We will give you an introduction to Boot Camp and answer any questions you may have. We will also review your medical history.
  2. We will take a few simple measurements to see where you are prior to beginning camp. We don’t care what the measurements show, it’s strictly for a post-camp comparison. These numbers and all other information will be held in the strictest confidence.
  3. We will record your weight, body fat percentage, metabolic rate calorie requirement, your metabolic age, visceral fat, bone mass and muscle mass.  Again, the numbers don’t matter. We just want to be able to measure your improvement. Don’t be surprised if you see a 2-5% reduction in your body fat over the four weeks!
  4. See you at camp!

What if I sign up for the three-day plan and then want to do more days of the camp?

After starting camp, many women realize how fun and convenient it is so they request to sign up for more days. In addition, they realize that the more days they attend camp the greater the results. In these situations, you will simply be pro-rated from the point you decide to join us for more days.

Will I be sore sometimes?

Most people feel some soreness for the first 3-5 days. After that point, it is slight to moderate. It’s part of the process, it means your body is changing!

What kinds of people go to camp?

They are people just like you, someone who needs a little push to jump start their fitness and wellness program.  There are all fitness levels at our camps BUT they are all women!

Is there a refund policy?

  The policy is that there is no refund.  🙂   What is a typical day like at camp? That’s difficult to say since each day is intentionally different to alleviate boredom. You can expect some weight training, obstacle courses, core training and cardio exercises each week.  It’s always an adventure, and you’ll always have fun! We teach you a great deal about proper form and “core stability.”

How soon will I see results?

Performance improvement can take place in as little as three days. “Visual Improvement” can take from two to four weeks depending on your effort level and how you are eating.  It’s becoming common to see a camper go down 1-2 dresses sizes within the first camp. Remember, everyone is different!

What will I do after camp is over?

You can get re-measured and tested to show your progress and success in the program. Many (up to 80%) of the campers return for a second and even third camp and some make it their standard exercise for life and come continuously.

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Adventure Bootcamp

Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great results with Adventure Boot Camp! You can too!

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